Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Busy busy busy...

I'm on holiday - I haven't gone anywhere, just taking a couple of weeks off work - and I haven't stopped!!

My wife and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary, which was really nice.  We went to the Ash Tea Rooms in Heaton Chapel/Norris.  It's a really nice atmosphere there, very chilled out.  We had some breakfast and a cream tea, and spent some time with our daughter Emily in the garden and had some fun on the swing...

On Saturday afternoon we went to see some friends who had twin girls a few weeks back so I could take some photographs of them with parents and a grandparent.  The weather was great so we could do the 'shoot' outside.  I ended up with loads of pictures, but I have yet to sort through them properly what with everything else going on.

Emily took her first proper steps on Saturday too!!!  Very exciting

Sunday, we went to visit my sister in law.  We had a brew and a good old chin wag, and were trying to tempt Emily to walk for her Aunty again, but she was having none of it.

Monday was our actual anniversary, and we took the kids to the MOSI, and had loads of fun.  We went round the Experiment centre in the main building and had an ace time playing with music, bubbles,  and loads of other great stuff. I was playing with all the little puzzles they had out - Tangrams, pyramid puzzles, etc - I love that kind of thing to keep my brain active.  We went round the power and air/vehicle centres too.  It was a good day, though tiring...  Lots of photos to sort again...

Today is Emily's first birthday.  We were up early and had all her prezzies laid out, and I took one or 2 (*hundred*) photographs.  I made a cake for today and have made the bases for the cake for the weekend, when we are meeting up with our families and friends who want to wish Emily a happy first birthday.  I have also made a few cookies today that I am going to practice icing with, so it's all go.

I hope to have the new photographs up on my Flickr page (there's a link to it the right somewhere) when I have a few hours spare to sort through them all.

I also hope to get hold of a fish tak soon so I can start working on some new arty stuff.  I have joined local 'Freegle' page where you can get people's junk to see if I can pick one up for nothing, but no joy yet..  I'll be keeping my eyes open. (Thanks Chris for the tip there, I'll e-mail you when I get a few minutes  :o)  )

Hope all is good where you are


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