Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Back to normal...

What a couple of weeks off work - I don't think I have ever been so busy!

It was the last weeks of the school holidays so we were out a lot at the museums and art galleries of Manchester - they were fabulous places, full of interesting things.  Even better - they are free to get into!  We were also wandering around parks and playing football and seeing friends and family.

My wife and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and our babies 1st birthday - I can't believe how time is flying! I made a plain cake for the actual birthday and a more 'special' one for a get together at the weekend.  I decorated it based on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

I also took some photographs of the twins of some friends - they had 2 gorgeous baby girls about 4 weeks ago now, and I got a lot of great pictures - I have seen loads of positive responses to them...

They were bought a package gift for a professional photographer to go round to their house and take some shots too, and they were good enough to invite me along to stealthily pick up a few hints and tips to help me in the future.  I picked up a few so am grateful for the invite

I think I took over two thousand photographs over those 2 weeks, which I have yet to fully work through.

Another highlight of mine was appearing on North Manchester FM radio on the 29th of August, to talk about my family life and photography - I owe a huge thanks to Rev Dave Gray for the invite, and to my wife for the push to agree. I had a great time and was worried that I wouldn't have a lot to say, due to my shy and retiring nature... But I think I managed to talk for a while.  And typically, when I got home I thought of loads more things I should have talked about.  If you want to have a listen to the show, you can get to it here:

I appear in the show from the 29th of August.

Back to work this week, and getting the family back into the old routine...  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I'll have the time to work on some more art at home.


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